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Background Check Do's and Dont's

Background checks are growing in popularity, and for good reason. They're a fast and convenient way for employers to learn about a potential employees background without doing too much dirty work.

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How to Reconnect With Someone from Your Past

Do you ever take a trip down memory lane? Think back to the good old days and your high school or college sweetheart? You know… the one who got away… Instead of wondering “what could have been”, take action!

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The FCRA and Privacy

The FCRA is the abbreviated name for the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a U.S. federal law that was passed in 1970. It's designed to protect the personal and confidential information of individuals and to monitor the collection and use[...]

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How to Choose the Best Background Check Site

Whether you're trying to find information about a date or you're just curious about a new co-worker, a Background Check company is going to offer you the details that you won't be able to find out just by speaking to your friends[...]

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Reveal the Truth about Anyone with These Top Background Checks

Ever been curious who that new stranger you just met really is? Ever wonder if your neighbors are up to something, or if your child’s nanny is a safe choice? The world is full of mysterious humans and you never truly know who you are associating with when you meet a new stranger.

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Run a Background Check Before Your First Date

Hey, we all have a “crazy ex” story. The guy that responded to your breakup by laying in front of your car every morning before work. The girl who was secretly storing clippings of your hair in a special “memory box” under the bed. But imagine if there was some way to spot the serious crazies before you’ve even met?

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What is a Background Check?

A background check is an information seeking process people or businesses do when they want to verify another person’s information. A background check compiles a person’s relevant personal, financial and/or job information into one [...]

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Top 5 Background Check Sites