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Anyone who has ever had the need to look into another individual should be convinced of the need of a
proper Background Check site. These are online websites which allow you to find your intended person
quickly and easily. Our chart below lists the top 10 Background Check companies to help you hone in on
the site that helps you find a specific individual. 

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Please Note: We expressly disclaim any and all representations and warranties that any of the providers featured on this site comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA") and/or any other similarly situated local, state or federal law governing the requisition, performance and/or disclosure of background checks.  In addition, use of any background information (whether in connection with credit eligibility reviews or otherwise) must similarly comply with applicable laws and regulations.   


Purchasing A Background Check Service

You may need to conduct a verification for various reasons. You can use a people search to find someone, a court records search to find related information, or a simple verification to see if someone is who they say they are. Today, much information available in your public record is available in a simple online search. 

If you’re considering someone for employment, business, or tenancy, you may require more detailed information that would be in a professional screening.

What Is A Background Check?

It allows you to look into details such as criminal history, credit, employment, and many other aspects of someone’s life. It goes much further than a criminal history. Verifications confirm that you are who you say you are. They may also be known as pre-employment screenings or background screenings. They pull information found in public records which include a marriage record, divorce records, court records search, civil information, and more.

Why Would You Use A Background Check?

Most of the time, background checks are conducted by companies considering someone for employment or credit. They protect employers from potential liabilities. They also protect you from anyone who may come in contact with your business.

Even if you’re not running a business, a record search will protect you if you're considering someone for a job where they will be in your home and/or around your family. They are most important when working with vulnerable people such as children, the disabled, or the elderly. 

Background checks are also useful in less extreme situations. For example, if someone has a history of credit problems, you may think twice about conducting business with them. 

What Are Legal Ways to Use A Screening (And What Is Illegal)?

If you’re running a search for employment or credit reasons, you must have the permission of the applicant beforehand. You are also required to tell them that you are running a search on public records. You must get permission by having the applicant sign a disclosure that meets the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers against unfair or inaccurate background checks. 

Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act include:

• Consumers must be told if information in their file has been used against them

• Consumers have the right to know what is in their file

• Consumers have the right to dispute inaccurate information

• Consumers have the right to seek damages for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Those seeking background checks need to be careful they aren’t showing discriminatory practices for their reasons behind the search. It’s not illegal to refuse to hire someone due to a conviction on their record. It’s only reasonable to refuse employment if the conviction relates to the job. 

For example, you may not want to hire someone with a DUI to drive a school bus. On the other hand, a DUI on the record of an applicant for a position as a janitor shouldn’t stand in the way of the job because the two aren’t related. 

The line is thin, so you should make sure you have a legitimate reason for refusing employment or service based on information in a background check to avoid discrimination accusations.

What To Look for in a Quality Verification Service?

You need to find a service that has the following qualities:

Report Information Accuracy

Inaccurate reports not only stand in the way of you meeting your needs, but they can also set you up for expensive liabilities. The best background check services will have a history of providing accurate information to make sure that you are making an informed decision.

Search Customization

Not all background searches require the same information. Some services provide specific searches for employment and potential tenants. Some background checks only require verifications of school, employment, and more. A top background check service will have different levels of background screenings so that you’re always getting the information you need for your situation. You also won’t have too much information or vice versa.

Ease of Use/Navigation

The best background check services should be easy to use and the information they provide should be easy to read. Depending on the type of search you want, you may be able to run a background check online. Other information will require you to send someone to a courthouse or have a phone interview. The best service will always provide you with the easiest method possible with the fastest turnaround time.

Help And Support

Top background check services will have a strong customer support team. Customer service knows every aspect of the process so they will give you updates and answer questions. If a search is delayed for some reason, they should be able to explain the reason. 

The right record search service will care about getting you the best results, not selling you their most expensive products. A marriage record or divorce records aren't relevant for employment screenings, so a service shouldn’t try to push them on you.

Whether you're running a background check online for information on a public record or seeking detailed information with the help of a search, you should educate yourself about the right way to get the verification you need.