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Company Overview

GoodHire is one of the most innovative screening tools currently available on the market. GoodHire’s intuitive approach provides the most comprehensive and useful information. Established in 2012 in California, GoodHire has made great strides and upgrades within a tough market, garnering loyal fans and users around the country for its back-to-basics approach. Transparent pricing and excellent customer service makes GoodHire one of the top picks in background screening.

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Available Searches

Search InquiriesServicesAccuracy Grade
Background SearchA
People Search  
Criminal Background SearchA
Reverse Phone Number Search  
Reverse E-mail Search  
SSN Identity TraceA
Drug ScreeningA
Driving Records / Motor Vehicle RecordsA
International Criminal RecordsB+
Employer VerificationB+
Education VerificationA
Credit ReportingB+

GoodHire’s three-tier bundle options are designed to reveal important information in an applicant’s past. Using a candidate’s Social Security Number, GoodHire compiles reports that include full names, current addresses, previous addresses and more. GoodHire customers may also choose to include checks that investigate a candidate’s driver license and driving history for an additional fee.

  • Criminal Background Search
    Regardless of which background check package a customer purchases, GoodHire includes some criminal background information in every package. Their National Criminal Check offering uncovers basic information about offenses in an individual’s past, while the Sex Offender List report and the Terrorist Watch List report (OFAC) takes the investigation one step further for a complete criminal history search. Additionally, GoodHire customers may purchase County Criminal Court reports for more specific information.

Verifications Include:

  • Identity Verification (SSN, name, address, etc.)

  • Employment Verification (job title, dates of employment, income, etc.)

  • Education Verification (degree, enrollment dates, etc.)


Deeper Checks Include:

  • Instant Criminal Checks - All checks include a basic online check of digital court records. This returns results from sources like sex offender databases, terrorist lists, and major state felonies.

  • In-Court County Records - To provide more complete records, GoodHire can provide in-court checks of county records, which are generally not included in the instant online check.

  • Motor Vehicle Records - Check the driving history of a potential employee. Accidents, DUI, etc.

  • Drug Testing - Urine tests to test for intoxication and substance abuse.

  • Credit Checks - (extra security clearance required) - Check credit history for finance professionals

Case Study

For the most detailed evaluation of the product, we contacted GoodHire director Max Wesman for more information. He informed us that the best way to verify the quality of the system firsthand is by running a free trial or basic report. In our research, we found many positive reviews that praised the clarity of the reports. This feedback helped us feel confident about GoodHire and its product. The example below shows the level of detail customers receives when they purchase Value Reports.

Key Features

GoodHire has mastered the background-checking component. With the ability to curate an in-depth analysis of an applicant’s history, the California-based service offers high-quality, comprehensive reports. GoodHire values simplicity and continually demystifies the complexities that come with screening. This product is set apart by its incredible ease of use, affordable pricing, and accessibility. When compared to some of its larger and more established competitors, GoodHire is a very easy-to-use tool that delivers results without additional work required from the client. GoodHire also covers 200+ countries, so it's possible to search through international records as well as domestic.


Background Check Fees
Trial MembershipN/A
Single ReportValue:$29.99

​GoodHire works on a transaction-based pricing system, meaning that there are no memberships or subscriptions. The reports come in three tiers: Value ($29.99), Standard ($54.99), and Premium ($79.99). The pricing is based on the number of offerings within each report, so there are options for every budget. The biggest difference between the reports is that the Premium plan includes education verification checks, but these verifications can be added on separately at a single report price as well. GoodHire also allows individual ‘add-on’ reports not included in a bundle for more thorough and varied background checks.


The GoodHire team is comprised of analytical and speedy researchers who spring into action as soon as an order is placed and can complete an entire report within a few business days. But before GoodHire can run any background checks, they are legally obligated to verify that customers are real businesses with legitimate needs. Some information is available immediately such as name, date of birth, social security number, while more complex information is typically delivered within three days. Updates are sent to the client as each stage of the report is completed.


GoodHire’s dedication to proper verification of businesses is an example of its reliability and trustworthiness.

  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

  • Accredited by National Association of Professional Background Screeners

  • #1 Ranking from (out of 73 products reviewed)

  • HR Executive Magazine’s 2016 “Top Product of the Year” Award

Safety & Security

Because of confidentiality agreements and high website security, customers do not have to worry about data breaches when using GoodHire. The GoodHire upholds professional standards to ensure that all client information is safely secured for limited visibility. The website is protected by deep SSL encryption to to prevent hackers from intercepting data. GoodHire is VeriSign-secured.

Customer Support

GoodHire’s US based customer support team is responsive and hellpful. GoodHire is active on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus that make it one of the most engaging and responsive background checking companies on the market. Customer support is available through support FAQ, telephone service, or by contact form and e-mail. The team can be contacted at any time between 8am and 8pm EST during the week.

Bottom Line

Though some customers may view GoodHire’s young age as a disadvantage, GoodHire is undoubtedly reinventing the market and delivering a fresh approach to background-checking. The tiered pricing structure, easy-to-use software and excellent customer support make GoodHire one of the best options in the industry.

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