What Shows up on a Background Check Site?

You may find yourself in need of a background check, and the best way to obtain one is through an online service. But just what kind of information does a background check provide? Who might use a background check, and why? Check out the information below to help you understand why you might want, or need, a background check.

What Kinds of Information Can I Seek?

  • Criminal History

Background checks can provide a quick insight into someone's criminal history, or lack thereof (Everything from traffic violations, unpaid tickets, and civil complaints all the way up to major criminal charges such as fraud, assault, or worse).

  • Identity Verification

Identity theft is a fast-growing problem, with millions of identities stolen each year. Identity verification allows the user to make sure they know whether or not the individual is who they say they are.

  • Fraud Investigation

Fraud in any number of industries is a real and present problem. A background check can reveal information that might suggest a person is doctor shopping, or has a history of numerous insurance claims.

  • Housing History

An overlook of how long someone has stayed at a location, and how often they seem to move.

  • Financial History

Check up on debts, and to whom the money is owed. Lien, loan, and mortgage information.

As you can see, there is a whole host of information that a background check can provide. A background check puts information in your hands that helps you make an important decision about the individual in question. Keep reading to see who might order a background check, and why.

Private Individuals

Private individuals may find themselves in need of a background check.


Businesses have a lot at stake when hiring a new employee. The employer covers the costs of training and hiring someone. Retail businesses have to protect their products any way possible, and getting insights into a person's work history will help detect potential problem employees. Businesses that deal with confidential client information want to know they are protecting their customers.

Government Agencies

Most government agencies handle sensitive or other important information pertaining to the public, be it personal information at the Social Security Office or the lives and safety of the public at a police department. Government agencies want to take the time to make sure their workers are trustworthy people without significant criminal infractions or questionable work history or associations.

For the above reasons, and more, a background check can be a smart step in making an important decision.


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