How do I Conduct a Criminal Background Search? StaffJan. 08, 2020
How do I Conduct a Criminal Background Search?
Whether you are considering bringing someone on board within your company, trusting someone to watch your child or home, or renting to a person who applied for your apartment, you will want to make a smart decision.

Conducting a criminal background search is the best way to go. Taking this small step can save you time, money, embarrassment and pain. Conducting a criminal background search is simple since so much information is available online nowadays. The following are some simple tips on what you may do to conduct a search on a person you do not know well enough to trust:

Google It

Google is the very best online search engine. Just by typing someone’s name and residential area into this search engine, you can retrieve information that is relevant to that person. You can find such information as the person’s social media sites, comments, Google Plus profile, Facebook page, images, videos, and other information. Many people have pulled mug shots by using this method. Using Google to check someone’s history is free, easy and fast. It is the first place one should go to gather additional information that may be necessary for the next step.

Jail Sites and Government Sites

Many home pages of local jails allow people to conduct inmate searches. Sometimes the names of people who have been in jail previously will remain on record for several months. A person who wants to conduct a quick search just to see if there has been any recent activity can visit these sites and type in the applicant’s name.

Professional Background Check Service

One of the surest ways to conduct a criminal background search online is to use a professional background check services. Some of these services will cost money. However, a consumer may be able to come across a service that offers a free trial period. He or she can use that trial period to run a search on a person in question. A professional background check service will give a client a complete criminal profile of a person. It will provide information on misdemeanors, traffic violations, felonies, and other crimes across the nation.

However, if you decide to go this route, there is one important question you should ask yourself first: Are they FCRA compliant? According to federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, a consumer reporting agency must be compliant or else you may not use the service, or the information it provides, to make decisions about insurance or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. This is applicable, but not limited to, a Background Search, Credit Background Check, Criminal Background Check, and/or Driving Record.

People Search Service

A people search service is similar to a background check service in that it provides quite a bit of information about a person. However, people search services will often provide more details than a background check service. A people search service will give details about property and assets, marriages and divorces, relatives, acquaintances and the like. Some services are free while other services have an associated charge.

With all the available resources online, one should never make a rash decision without taking the time to check a person out. Conducting a criminal background search can be the smartest move property owner can possibly make. StaffJan. 06, 2020
Note: Some or all background check services featured on this site are not subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA") In order to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance, make sure you choose the appropriate service for you. Be advised that only consumer reporting agencies may provide consumer reports. This is applicable, but not limited to, a background search, credit background check, criminal background check, and/or driving record.