Best way to Cultivate an Online Presence

An online presence comes mostly through blogging and social media, but you must also understand that there is background information and personal information about you on the internet. You cannot just control all of it with the wave of a magic wand, but you can make sure that your online presence is stronger than any negative information that might be out there about you.

Check On Yourself

First, you have to make sure that you are checking on your own name repeatedly to ensure you do not see any false information about yourself. If you do, you have a duty to yourself to e-mail the provider of the information to work to resolve an inconsistencies that might be there.

Start an Online Presence

You would be wise to have a blog and other social media accounts that are strongly on search engines than your random personal information that floats around the internet. If you have a blog or social media account that comes up on search engines before a personal search site, then you've done your job.

An online presence gives you a chance to right wrong information about yourself that you might find elsewhere. You want to be able to rebut anything you see without having to wait for the information provider to change it. You need to be out in front of any problems that you might face.

Be Active

Being present online and being active are two different things. When you see that information about you is being shared, you have to active enough to make sure you are heading it off. It's one thing to contact a provider or write a blog post refuting wrong information. It is quite another to jump in and comment on posts about you, contact people who are sharing the information, and be vigilant about what people are saying about you. The more vigilant you are, the easier time you're going to have righting wrongs that have found.

Be Honest

Some information about you is not savory, but it is also not untrue. When unsavory information makes it on the internet, it's best to own it. Be honest and forthcoming. We live in a nation of second chances, and when you admit to being wrong about something, people will forgive you. That's just how we work in this country.

Remember, you have to be very careful about the kind of information that is spread about you on the internet. When it's wrong, combat it with everything you've got. When it's true, own up and be honest. Keeping an online presence going and being vigilant about it will help you manage the information you see about yourself online.


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