What a background check can reveal about your favorite celebrity

5 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Have Been Arrested

We’ve all heard about Lindsay Lohan’s, Justin Bieber’s and Mel Gibson’s brushes with the law – and how these screw-ups almost wrecked their careers. But a surprising number of Hollywood’s A-Listers have a dark past. Here are some that might just shock you.

1. Mark Wahlberg

Wahlberg might have a string of much-loved films and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to his name, but before he made it big, he’d been inside for doing some nasty things. At 13, Wahlberg was addicted to cocaine and entrenched in street gangs. By 16, he had been jailed for a string of racial assaults on school kids and a serious assault on two Vietnamese men. At 21, he was in trouble once again for breaking his neighbor’s jaw in an unprovoked attack.

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2. Kiefer Sutherland

Since 1989, Sutherland has been arrested no fewer than four times for driving under the influence. Finally, his luck ran out and he had to serve 48 days in jail. However, this didn’t mark the end of his bad boy behavior. Two years later, he head-butted a fashion designer at the after party of a fundraiser at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

3. Bill Gates

Gates might be one of the smartest people on the planet, but apparently he’s not smart enough to realize that you really need to have a license to drive a car. A young Gates was arrested TWICE in New Mexico for driving without a license – once in 1975 and then again in 1977.

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4. Jane Fonda

A little known fact is that Fonda was arrested at an airport in Ohio when she tried to pass through customs with over 100 pills in her bag. These turned out to be mostly a combination of vitamin pills and legally prescribed medication, but the arrest apparently involved something of a scuffle.

5. Tim Allen

The beloved voice of Buzz Lightyear might never have made it to stardom if the authorities had been harsher with Tim Allen Dick. At 25, Allen was caught trying to bring 650 grams of cocaine through an airport in Michigan and came very close to serving a life sentence for trafficking. Instead, he opted to strike a deal, giving the names of 21 accomplices in order to reduce his term to 5 years. After that, he started dabbling in comedy - and the rest is Hollywood lore.

So there you have it. Five celebs you’d never know had seen the inside of a police cell.

But do you know what’s even crazier than that? All of this stuff is in the public domain. Want to find out if your favorite celebrity is less Orange County and more Orange is the New Black? There’s nothing stopping you from running your own background check to uncover a couple of scintillating stories of your own. Time to get sleuthing!

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