Reveal the Truth about Anyone with These Top Background Checks

Ever been curious who that new stranger you just met really is? Ever wonder if your neighbors are up to something, or if your child’s nanny is a safe choice? The world is full of mysterious humans and you never truly know who you are associating with when you meet a new stranger.

We trust strangers all of the time to enter our homes and our lives, but is this really a safe idea when we actually have no clue nor idea about their real personality? Humans are complex creatures and they can easily con others into believing they are a certain way, when really they could be wearing a mask.

The only true and 100 percent way to know the history of someone is by performing a background check.

Although not all may be open to this idea initially, the following information will convince you that background checks are both a smart and affordable choice to make for the security and safety of your future and that of the loved ones around you.

We’ve used and reviewed them all, but here are our TOP 5 picks for Background Check Services of 2016:

1. Instant Checkmate
A Background Check Service with Incredible Customer Service

Instant Checkmate has one of the most amazing customer service support lines, which is available for users 24/7. Additionally, its price tag is quite low compared to most services, at only $18.24 monthly for a 3-month membership. Checkmate grabs information from numerous public records, including Federal, State and County databases, so you will never miss a bit of potentially valuable information about a person you are searching for.

Feel safe and secure with guaranteed security and confidentiality with a separate window that assures you that you have a secure connection to the software. Instant Checkmate has an incredible basic people search, which is most commonly why someone who isn’t professionally working in a search oriented job (such as being a detective) would start. This standard search uses over 30 different points of data to deliver to you the most accurate and descriptive possible information that there is to discover about a person you are looking up.

Although Bradford seemed like such a perfect match, he had a record and history of abuse, being charged for assault on 2 accounts, as well as being fired from 3 different jobs because of his temper which got brought out inappropriately in the workplace. Annalise was horrified by the information she received back from CheckMate and quickly blocked Bradford from all of her social media and from her dating program.

If you aren’t completely sold on this service already, Instant Checkmate offers a $1 5-day free trial so you can test out their software before you commit to it. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain by utilizing this amazing program!

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2. BeenVerified
The Cheapest Solution to Your Background Check Needs

BeenVerified​ is by far the cheapest background checking service on the internet, costing only $9.86 a month if you agree to a 6-month membership. You really get your money’s worth, because with a membership you receive an unlimited amount of searches. With 8 different types of search possibilities, get way into the depths of someone’s history.

With BeenVerified you will only ever receive a completely thorough search, so be assured that this program won’t miss any piece of information. Submit minimal details and get back incredible results.

Utilize this program for statewide and nationwide criminal searches, court records, public records, basic background checks, people searches and reverse phone number and email searches. The possibilities are endless with BeenVerified, a background check service that truly handles it all, guaranteeing that you’ll love the quality of the results you discover!

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3. Intelius
A Multidimensional Search Adored By Users

Intelius​ is truly incredible. Receiving thousands of positive reviews from users who have discovered various levels of information about those around them, this multidimensional background search website allows you to conduct various searches with as little information as simply a name.

People search, background search, reverse phone number and email search and even check an individual’s criminal record history with a service that is truly tailored to all of your discovery needs. Furthermore, discover an individual’s social network and truly get a look into what their life is like. Make discernments for yourself about someone once you’ve learned some information about them, and use this amazing and versatile program to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Best of all, the price is affordable for the high quality of your reports, only costing $39.95 for one report, or $29.95 for a membership so you can continue looking up anyone you find remotely suspicious or just don’t know anything about, and get a better insight into their behaviors and personality.

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4. US Search
A Customizable Way to Discover the Truth About Those Around You

In addition to dozens of incredible features, one unique thing that really stood out to us about US Search is the ability to conduct a one-time report. This is ideal for individuals who aren’t wanting to take upon themselves a long list of people to background search. Instead, say you have one character in question that just irks you the wrong way. You won’t need to pay for months of membership, rather you can just conduct a one-time search and call it a day. Get all the info you need about that one individual and nothing more.

Additionally, US Search is one of the few background checks available online that are certified for employment screening, so that you can discover if that interviewee you spoke with today has a clean record and is a positive upstanding and law-abiding citizen. Employers all about America love US Search for its easy-to-use interface, as well as its large variety of search types and customizable preferences.

This background check service’s website is simple and minimalistic, cutting straight to the information and steering away from marketing tactics, so that the user may have a more peaceful and fluid search experience.

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5. TruthFinder
Find the Results You Want With an Easy to Use Interface

TruthFinder​ background search system is one truly worth talking about. With this outstanding software, you are able to discover criminal records on a state, national and even international level, so that you never miss a piece of information that might change the way you look at a stranger, and could possibly save the life of you or someone you love.

At the low cost of only $9.95 per month, pricing is kept simple and concrete with the basic withdrawal of this amount from your account monthly. Additionally, receive any free customer support you may desire via phone, the easiest method of contacting TruthFindere if you have any questions or concerns. The staff are friendly and happy to help answer any comments you may have.

Search through court records, public records, people searches, bahistory about that stranger you have in sic background checks, nationwide records, international records, and statewide records to discover today the true question. Protect yourself, those you love and your family with this concise and affordable background check service.

There you have it! The TOP 5 Background Check Services of 2016. We’ve researched them all for you so that you won’t have to! Start discovering the truth today with these incredible and cutting-edge programs!

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