How Do I Find a Long Lost Friend?

How Do I Find a Long Lost Friend?

For a very long time, finding a long-lost friend has the kind of activity left up to paid professionals. People change their names, relocate and change their telephone numbers. It used to be nearly impossible to find people whom you only knew their name or a once-working telephone number.

The good news is that the Internet has opened up a variety of ways for you to find that long-lost friend. By searching for bread crumbs and following the trail that people naturally leave, you can find almost anyone on the Internet.

Step One: Start with a Name

Finding a friend you haven't heard from in a very long while is as simple as searching for them using their name.

The first thing you should try is entering the person's name into a search engine. Surround their name in quotes and sort through the results that pop up.

If the results you're receiving aren't satisfactory, then you can try refining your search query. Add in the last known state, country or address that you remember your friend used. You can also try adding in the last known telephone number that you could contact your friend by calling.

If you still can't find the person you're looking for, there are one of two possibilities: your friend doesn't use the Internet or they have changed their name. Don't lose hope yet.

Step Two: Start With the Names of Relatives

Your next, best, bet would be to look for the people closest to the person you're looking for. Search for any brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or cousins. If you know that they're still alive, don't be afraid to search for their mother, father or even grandparents.

All of these people can potentially put you in direct touch with your friend.

If they can't, then they may be able to give you a few clues that you can use to continue your search. Try to get your friend's place of work, their last known address, a married name or even their children's names out of your friend's relatives. If anyone should know at least some of these details, it's your friend's relatives.

Step Three: Follow Up on All Your Leads

It's time to follow up on all the leads you've accumulated this far. Contact any family members that you can't get in phone contact with by email or by mail.

It may take some time, but hopefully one of these will produce a lead.

Even if it seems like a dead end, there's still some hope.

Step Four: Try a People Search Engine

There are search engines dedicated to cataloging and compiling data on individuals by looking for pages on the Internet. They compile all the data that can be found on a person and tend to be more reliable as they grow older, as they keep data that may have vanished from existence stored.

You can try these websites, but they may not provide the most benefit without paying for their services.

Another alternative to finding your long-lost friend is to try an online background check. If you know your friend's most current name, you may be able to find aliases that can help you continue your search.


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