Always Wanted to Dig Up the Dirt On Your Boss? Read On…

Do you suspect your boss isn’t who they say they are? Worried you might be accepting a new role with someone who’s a bit of a cowboy? Here’s what you can find out about your employer with a simple background check.

Let’s start with the big ones: are they a criminal?

Okay, your boss seems kind of shady. They make vague references to time they spent in Latvia doing something for the Russians. They know a suspicious amount about the criminal law system. And you’re pretty sure that’s a gang tattoo poking from the neck of their shirt collar.

But they’re not actually an ex-felon… right?

Here’s one way to find out: search their name at Instant Checkmate or BeenVerified, which gives you access to police records and court documents.

Turns out they’ve been jailed for money laundering or fraud? Time to look for another job…

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Are They as Successful as They Make Out?

Does your boss make wild claims about their credentials as a CEO, where the company is headed or how much money you’ll be making in a year? Does he allude to the wealth he’s stacked up by virtue of his business acumen? Perhaps he really is on track to becoming the next Bill Gates. Or perhaps he’s a deluded fantasist.
How to tell? For starters, you can build up a fairly accurate picture of whether his wealth is real. Using Intelius, you should be able to figure out his address. Run this through any property search site and you’ll know straight away how much his house is really worth.

Are They Likely to Take You Down With Them?

Again, if something doesn’t quite ring true about your boss’ outrageous growth forecast, it’s worth checking that he hasn’t pulled this stuff before.

Start with the intuitive stuff. Does his LinkedIn profile suggest he jumps from role to role? Has she managed to bring along any of her old clients from previous companies he’s worked at, or do you get the feeling he constantly starts again? If there are no long-term trust relationships, feel nervous.

You can also use Intelius to search public records, figuring out if he’s ever gone bankrupt, had any brushes with the law/serious financial issues that raise a red flag

Forewarned is Forearmed

Just because your employer doesn’t live in a mansion, or has a few skeletons hiding in the closet, doesn’t mean you should quit.

But if your boss has a trail of crash-and-burns behind him, or goes out of the way to make you think he’s a high rolling big shot yet secretly lives in his parents’ basement, you ought to take what he says with a grain of salt. Running a background check may help you spot the breadcrumbs leading to a serious disaster – ensuring you don’t get caught out if the company suddenly shuts down!

Top Sites for Background Checks:

  • Intelius​: A comprehensive people searching and reverse lookup tool. You can find out everything from someone’s address and financial history to who’s been trying to call you.

  • BeenVerified​: A background search tool that searches public data to find out personal information such as current and former address, court records and convictions.

  • Instant Checkmate​: A public records database that enables instant criminal background checks, including known aliases, arrests and charges.

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Top 5 Background Check Sites